9. User Management

9.1. Konfiguracja

  • Go to Jira User Server (g+g and type JIRA User Server)
  • Add application
  • Set application name, password and IP Addresses (paste adresses from instances which you want connect with Jira User Server)

9.2. Dobre praktyki

  • Always use LDAP (OpenLDAP or Active Directory)
  • name groups as jira-users or jira-administrators
  • local administrator jira-administrator only for fixing bugs with LDAP
  • use jira@example.com (for easy email fiterling)
  • use jira.example.com as domain name with Firewall blocking external access
  • /etc/resolv.conf search example.com -> ustawianie przez DHCP
  • Internal and external users in one LDAP server
  • Read only access via LDAPs
  • avoid nested groups
  • all tools in OU=ecosystem
  • use LDAP groups for project roles from OU=projects
  • do not use user accounts in project roles (only LDAP groups)
  • Confluence page with all *-administrators + mailto: links
  • Confluence page with JIRA project administrators
  • Do not use technical accounts (use SSH keys)
  • Use SSH keys with proper comment